Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

it's all about joe in 60 SHS

in the first sight i felt something different, and in the 2st sight yeah he's good moslem and smart and i love it.and i think he's cool.yeah i'm in love with him. it's my 2st love haha lol. i think it's just me. and then..... all my friends tell me that they in love too. OMG..

even i saw a girl so frontal. she was begged to taken a picture with him.

2thing make me blind in my life:
#when i love someone i've never have a braveness to
to closer with him.
#when someone loves me, i dont love him. i want i fall in love before he said love to me.

why i'm in love with joe 60 SHS:
cause joe 60 is like joe 43. joe 43 is my 1st love, i've never close wirh him, he is so playboy, in beginning he is not. i'm in love with him during 3 years. isn't it's so long.

honestly i'm stlill in love with joe 43 cause i have a principle that just one boy in my life. but i can't have him (i wanna cry when i write this pharase).

i think it's enough cause i dont want to think bout joe 43 anymore.

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