Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

having fun with my friends

Holla long time no update here.. holla my lovely blog. Yay, why I have updated it, yay because I have repared my modem , lol I was not repaired it. It’s wok by it self.last day, i got ranking 9th hahahaha unbelievable, cause i'm in sience class. thanks god;

In this month.. on December was so many…….. probs and incident. Okay the first prob was “my bestfriend and me was on trouble and silent for TWO WEEKS”. That two weeks wasn’t an usually 14 days…. That was the hardest two weeks in my life #ohlebay, that’s right…. That was soo hard, when her and me met in the hall of the school and we didn’t talked even smile to each other . honestly, there wasn’t a serious probs, that was simple probs.
Now, the prob is “I’m a leader of an event” . I should think that is an oppurtinity, but it’s too hard cause my friends was busy to them self. And they re thinking that “we are weak”. But they don’t try to change her self. I know it’s hard , but if we don’t try to realize this event, I’m sure we will regret.

Okay this day is about a holiday with my great fun friends. I was enjoyed this day, it was soo fun . although I’m tired now lol. This day I have two accident. First I falled from a bicycle, I drived with fira… I was the driver.. when I saw the lake and speak to her “fir,how if we fall to the lake”… then after the 1 second.. brouuukkkk we falled to the road.. the wheel was not on the right place(road) but in the edge of the road and my feet was bleeding. Honestly I would to cried but I was shame. It’s was fun, now I see the injury and I smile cause I haven’t feel it for years lol. The second accident was I walked with my friend, I falled to a hole of the road. And my frien who walked in my backside , laugh at me hahahahahhaha TODAY WAS FUN IN TMII

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