Rabu, 20 Juni 2012


yesterday was bad day.
Some people gimme gift. I think that just for payback or I dunno.
All i wanna do is go away from people I know. I wanna live alone. I wanna cry.
I wanna know why it happened to me.
Where’s the other guys. Idc if you gimme gift with price Rp 500. Honestly I don’t want to pay back but I wanted ur carely. I want you to remember me.
What’s my mistakes?

Next, about him. Why he did that? He acted like didn’t care even a little. But why my friend did that to me? maybe they wanted to made me closer to him ,but they didn’t knew if their acted made me far away from him. I don’t want to close to him anymore! even say hi.

I’m so sad cause I’m older now. Maybe no one understand why I feel sad and they would gimme advice.
I know if I act like angry to you, But I actually wasn’t, that was personal probs. I feel … I don’t have anybody. But I have my mom but sometimes I feel really alone and lonely. I wanna cry all the time. I wanna sleep for many hours. Sleep is cure of sadness, although the pain just would disappears when you sleep. I wanna watch the empty view and think not just me is alone.

What will you do when everyone care about a friend probs whereas you have same probs. They cry of her probs, they care, they did many things to her late Xday and you did too for her and they did that two days before your Xday.
Whereas you hide ur probs, you cry alone, and just some people care. and even the other guys ask me if its my Xday. I don’t know if you all was busy….i don’t know……… LOL

I don’t know what I have to do…
How if I’ll never care about someone in that group? Cause they didn’t care of me.
I will still care of them ? cause I don’t want they feel the same sad happen to me now.

If you read it.. I hope you’ll never did to other guys. Maybe the other guys will never feel the same. Never!

My mom was right…..she said,”if you do that to them, does they will do that to you?”
And then I said,”its ok mom if they’ll never do that to me, cause make someone happy will makes me happy too”

And now I have to remember my words and try to not sad about that. Huh stupid-lonely-ugly girl~

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