Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

things what i'm thinking

Yesterday, I got many embrassing moments with asyifa at blok-m mall… first, I bought a book with the price 25rb after took many bargain then I was soo happy I got that price .. that was so cheap. Next me ant those lil monkey came to another store, the seller showed the same book and told the price was 20rb…. Hell yea -_-
Second, me and her searched to find a chair and table to do my homework. We want to find the chair which we don’t have to order some food or drink(pssstt because I didn’t want to wasted my money :p).. then we found that chair but after a minute… came the waiter and gave the menu… huh -_- it was ok cause I was not fasting at that time but asyifa was fasting. After a half of hour, we left from that chair … after took 5 step.. the waiter called me “dek, udah bayar belom?” WTH!!!!! I FORGOT TO PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So lucky cause the person calls me was not a security….
There was many embrassing moment in many store ._.v
The third, when I go down from the bus… I was stop at the wrong place and made asyifa confusing and asyifa holds the money to pay the bus. LOL lucky cause that was not too far from my place.
Hmmm…….now I’m thinking about My new class:
Hmmm I made something embrassing several days ago . I did that because I felt bored and fed up… hmm at this time I’m not feeling comfortable with that guys. There are many arrogant person. They have everything and makes the other like me hmmm… actually they haven’t do that. But their act are so wise. And you know, they made like a group of somethin’. I’m thinking for the forward I would have many friends at that room -_-. And I’m thinking to be not friendly. For what to be a friendly person for someone who don’t interested to us? Ha ha ha
In the other brain I’m thinking that I feel afraid cause they are very smart especially in English lesson. I’m afraid to speak in English and my pronounciation is bad then they laugh… :/ probably they re not. But 80% is yes. See? Even my grammar is poor. I don’t using a dictionary or translator to make this note, I’m just pouring my heart…
It’s not fair for me cause I have “this” every years! And this is the most….

Think wury!!! They many guy feel the same… and you are too unlucky cause when you out of the class , you can get some laughing LOL. Yeah the class is for learning if I wrong.. it’s ok because I’m student not a teacher. If I were a teacher it’s ok if I feel embrassing. I don’t care with the people who don’t like me because my life is not in their hand and they re not gimme money, food or else. I’m the same.ok I’m not, cause they re fame one :p

Thinking about famous and not-fame(me, in my eyes).
1. The fame would say “alay” to not-fame guy who take a photo in the public area even the pose is same with they did.
When they took many photo.. people would say “cool”. (the different is the fame using i-phone and not-fame using nokia 2 mp) -_-
2. The fame go to the mall search for expensive clothes and fashion. And not-fame searching for books and stupid thing at that mall (not at all).
3. Fame guy would keep they beyond, walks with the grace. And not-fame would run around the hall to chasing the friends and don’t care what people says.
4. And many “”alays’” things which the fame did would be cool and if the not-fame did would be disgusting LOL

Everyone can be person who they wanted. And I love to myself.. feel free to laugh but I still need friends to laugh. Cause I’m afraid to laugh alone.. afraid if someone pick me to the RSJ. *megusta face* pssssttt actually I can laugh alone if I imagine someone around me with something freak and funny.

I don’t know what I wrote,I’m sorry if there many thing mistakes, I’m too lazy to read above it. Not because I’m lazy but I don’t understand what typed.. and that’s feeling is not permanent guys. So sorry if you are in this post.. hope hmmmm love you stars #nyambung!

The end

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