Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011


Hi, hello there’s so many complicated in my mind just for one person, that’s him. The boy who always I write in this blog. Hemmm I have told you his name, his false name is JOE. Hemmm I thought that I would be ok if I told him that I love him, hemmm maybe you’ll think that I’m A bitch girl. LOL it’s soo deep -_- better than if you call me A freak girl, I’m serious, don’t try it in ur home (?). Haha but……….. haaa come on you know me,,,,, hey I don’t want to tell the story about I told him of my heart TWICE in this blog.you can see my history about i told him of my heart in the pas posting, the tittle is If you want to know you can see the in the past posting .... this is it...... http://wuryjonas.blogspot.com/2011/07/gapenting.html

Okay I told him in several weeks ago. The day which I told him about my heart…… maybe you are wondering to know, why I was soo brave to told him? Hemm yeah, I’ll told you, jeng jeng jeeeeeeeeeng

That day was a freak day, I was laughing all day long and my friends was acted crazy, and everything was soo weird and crazy, that was made me laugh all day long, even until arrived home I was still laughing, everyone who looked at always ask me why i'm laughing alone, maybe they was think that i'm crazy, until …………… I went to my pc, like usually I wanted to play ameba pico in facebook… heemmm in facebook, I he exist in online tab, then ………. I click him, the tab which one to chat with him, don’t you know that everyday I always click him to chat but inever chat with him, even until now -_- i always do that. okay back to the past… heemmm first I want to tell something in the flashback, that he once time was chating with me , I was soo surprise, and unbelievable…… HE WAS CHATING WITH ME, HE CALLED MY NAME !!!

HEMMMin the first he called wury.. then he writed word sooo error there just ,,, like this "8u322tplg-\=\=-=9-80__++++ yeah ………….. hrrr but I was so confused cause in the chat he told his friends name… and then he say “cie cie”"" Then he was offline -__--
That’s all.. hemm I wonder aboutthat chat.. and I thought I will never ever meet him again, and fira was profoke me to told him, and I wanted to be a brave girl. And at that time I was laughing, I forget about was about I’m laughing of hahaha… yeay at that time I was crazy and freak, like an addicted guy , you know.. haha.. although I was crazy and many things made me lost control, I still have no brave and my fingers tremble to to write the words … the I have done my words, just to enter, I have no brave again, my middle finger holded in enter button, then I was laughing to laugh at my self, accidentally I clicked enter… then I fell to the ground… omg I was soo crazy -_-

Ok, I thought that I’ll be ok -_-, I thought I would never to meet him again,but I was wrong hhhh, I forgot about my last class, he was my classmate, heemmm yesterday was my bukber class, LOL in several days I was crazy, what will happen to me when I meet him.
Lucky that event was soo mess, my last classmate lost communication each other, haha then someone made this event failed, but five boy didn’t know… the five boy included him went to the place which fix in the planned…….. and I didn’t went to there.. I was soo sad but in another side I was

You know everything happened is because my bad…. That is an accident, BIG ACCIDENT…


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