Senin, 03 Januari 2011

about me now

saya mau cerita nih.
did you know that i'm the ones who love the art and i love the art lesson.
it's the lesson that i love the most.. but i can't to get to the point why the teacher are not menganggap saya.
huh maybe i'm too bad to dianggap. it's so make me miserable.

and then, at the class i don't have a friend,
i mean not a bf..(but i don't have a bf too)
i don't have a friend who close to me.
what's wrong with me?
okay FIRST, i have one(i thought)....
yeah i thought she would be my bestfriend
but now I know i was wrong. she just
menganggap saya as friend which batu loncatan and
then she leave me...
i have tried to join with them all.. but they r not need me.
i think they are not my class...

it's so mess up now

but maybe i'll have friends if i want to be closer with them..
i mean not the team high class like i was tell you
above the lines.

i know i'm miss confident
but i can't to make my self meaningfull to my friend. so,
they don't need me.

i'm sorry my english is poor.. i'm trying to learn. so, don't judge me..
haha lol you can't see above the lines, so many word text in bahasa cause i don't know what the word in english.. i'm afraid if i too confident and then i wrong haha..
okay you are smart then me.. my IQ=103 <--LOW

OKAY KEEP MOVING ON WURY,don't look arround you,
you re the best, you can do what you wanted, you can do everything by your self, you don't need anybody to make you perfect..


okay it's the end of the lines..

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