Rabu, 20 April 2011

the most bad holiday

I turn the stomach if my my friend ask me "hi wury, let's hang out!!". I really want to hang out but I have many homework and I Have grub's homework and i have to done it all alone.. this is really make me frustated. the grub's homework such as PKN, and Chemistry.. this is really damn the teachers ask to make that homework in power point huh.. this is the second day i do my chemistry. I have been did it since yesterday. and this holiday is the first time that I operate my personal computare during 12 hours. you must don't believe me but it's honesty.

I think the teacher is the bad guys, cause they gave me many homework. i wonder if they don't think that teacher is himself or herself...
i really stuck in front of my monitor

the tittle is the most bad holiday, trully every holiday is the bad time i ever had cause I hate to fight to my bro and lil sister. the last time my bro stole my sim card, i still remeber it.

okay, now I think that me in the school is become a stupid girl cause when I got a problem at home, I brought it to the school and I didn't wont to learned. The last time in the school I sleept at BK and I didn't wont to learn english,and physics's time I didn't saw when the teacher teach me.The most something stupid i did was I answer the math exam, every question i answered was C. hahahahahahha what the.....
so lucky that I still reach the KKM.

this is the third day of the holiday. haaah i'm bored..

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