Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Life would be the same without you

here i am, sitting infront of monitor. hope you enjoy my post even sometimes the letters of "o" "l" and "." cant work.

but actually nothing that you can enjoy here, cause you cant get what i mean cause my grammar is too good(<---the br="" opposite=""> today, when im standing in the balcony of my school, in the 3th floor, i saw to the bottom, not bikini bottom but the bikini of  NICKI MINAJ, okay just kidding.
yeaahh i saw to the yard of the school. yeahh i saw for minutes although there was alay words. but i didnt saw to that words but to the student whoose played football game happily.....

I saw them played that game and then I thought. "world would never change or different although you re not exist anymore". yeahhh that yard would always runned by student. every years there always exist student who wears the same uniform with me now.  and does them , the guys in the future would think about us? Does the teacher would remember?  do I would remember you? And now I realize why some guys act too much, and I think i would be like.........me rite now. lol

hai....fokus fokus!!! bakso... bakso...

okeh abaikan. krikz

hemm besok pelajarannya would  kills me slowly
so bye....

you must think that i will study, right?
No, im not, i just want to draw NICKY MINAJ! hahahha


iyuuuh Nicky minaj, justiiiiiiin....
show you up, tonight i'm gonna show you up . ay ay...
yeaah on the floor.. floor, i love to dance..
this  one is for the boy with da booming system, top down ac with the coolin system, when he came up in da club he blazin up... got stage on deck like he savin up,, and he'll he real, he might got a deal...
we re higher than modablala....starships...
if want it im gonna be va va voom voom

arrrgggghhh stress gua, diotak gue ada suara nicki minaj mulu.. gue jijay banget padahal sama dia... hhhhhhhhh dia tuh aneh banget soalnya badannya gitu. bukannya merasa bagus yak tapi dia itu palsu botoxs dan pake bikini mulu iyuuuuhhh. tapi.... tapi... gue malah hhhh

dan lagu lil wayne yang how to love juga ada diotak gue. padahal gue slalu ngomelin adek gue kalo gue denger dia nyalain tuh lagu. suaranya kayak orang males dan dandanannya kayak orang ngedrugs dan rambutnya kayak ga pernah disampoin, dan dia bilang itu keren??tapi suaranya malah ada mulu diotak gue... isssshhh

ok dah

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