Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013


I wanna type sentences randomly, i dont care if no one understand what i'm talking about.

Sometimes we have many feeling running through of our mind probably thats just me.
yeaah some people would call it galau but i dont know exactly what galau is.

i wanna talk about college firstly,

  • some people said that they have to choose the one which they wanted. they have to fight it to get that no matter the problems is. in the movie that i watched, people would ignored their parent to get their own dreams, they would ignored what their parent wanted from them cause they certain about their dream. but it happens to me, my dream is different with my mom wants from me. even... i'm lost in science class. yeah i love science but i wanna be a designer. i love art! i want my mom proud of me. but she'd never proud if i choose art major. Al-Quran said that we have to obedient to our mom. cause heaven in our mom's feet. this is very terible and i'm so confused. our life isnt blessing if we're not obedient to our mom. HOW COULD I CAN BE SUCCESS IN MY WAY WITHOUT MY MOM  PERMITTED?? i wonder, in the movie... all of them who left home to chased their dream then they successed... i dunno...

exactly, i cant make them believe in my dream.. who can gimme an advice?


  • How if you didnt interested in science.. but little in biology. then you have to choose undangan appropriate with your major. your major is science, but you want to get a major in social. if you choose social you'll lose. but if you choose science then you get that, but you dont take that cause you re accepted in mandiri. the effect is in your junior, it can be the college delete your school from undangan list. BUT IF YOU DONT CHOOSE SCIENCE MAJOR THEN YOU DONT GET ANY COLLEGE IN MANDIRI. HOW COULD YOU DO? do you want to be a selfish guy? yeah probably.. sorry guys..

everything is not what it seems.

  • yeaah everything is not what it looks like. example, someone who sit quitly, then people laugh of many joking. no one knows that she laugh inside too. she isnt join not because she is not friendly person but propbably that people is not welcome to her.
  • sometimes, someone silent not means they are stupid and knows nothing but probably she silent because she dont want people staring at her.
  • sometimes someone laugh not means she's happy. can be she got some stressed inside or disease. someone who looks so happy at school sometimes she's not at her home. so she blew out everything in different place and wanna be somebody else, somebody who have a happy life. or she want to get some attention.
  • someone looks like never care to you. can be she is the most care person on you, in a momment you'll know that. so, dont be negative thinking.
  • someone who never talk to you, and stare at you like an enemy. can be she save a deeply love on you. who knows~

  • sometimes, someone who stand beside you isnt love you as much as a secret admirer loves you, but life isnt fair. she got ya.
  • sometimes we cant find the different between love and obsessed.
  • sometimes youll choose  handsome/pretty guy who loves you little than an ugly guy who gives you much love and youre means the world for her/him. yeah once more, life isnt fair -_-   yeahhh if it come to me, i would be confused to choose too, how if the choice is Joe jonas and andika kenjen ben? HELL YEAH i'll choose stars #eh

i have many things in my mind but these ants bites me again and again!!!
so bye!!


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