Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Being A Secret Admirer

stars.... i love you like i wouldnt wanna love anyboy else. this feeling is just like the oxygen that i breathe come over and over... whenever i try to move on , its like i breathe the oxygen then i throw the carbon dioxide then i breathe the oxygen again #ifuknowwhatimean. whenever i see you in the hall of school, i always want to chase you as fast as the wind but i cant do that cause you walk fastly probably faster than the wind lol. sometimes i stalk your facebook account but you barely update,then i stalk you in almost every famous website until i find your blog. i'm so glad that finally i found ur blog yay hurray!!! you are trully funny boy ! i found your account by the funny way.

       hmmm i wonder what your grade now cause youre so smart now, i dont know what you eat or probably you used a magician man like ki joko bodo but its dont matter cause see you smart makes me happy *toomuch lol. oh yeah i got 9th grade this smester , unbelievable cause i never studied at home and never did the homework except the art lesson yeah someone get jealous and angry about this case . but i dont care cause this is me from elementary school. hey you know, im texting it from my poncel,touch poncel and always wrong word and it need hard fighting. back to stars when i miss you, everything around me would turned into grey... and then i feel the blue. until now you still a stars that hanging in my heart, i mean the sky but i couldnt reach it cause you are too damn high! until now, i never get galau about you and those girls cause i think you dont like them , i mean love... but sometimes i wonder if you are gay cause many beautiful girls loves you and no one of them that you choose...hahahhaha but no!!!!!! youre a good moslem so absolutly you re normal even your face isnt normal. kidding! i know that i think of you too much and would be funny if someday i read this then i would laugh hardly cause this feeling or these poor grammar.

     oh yeah this day i went to detos and the mall infront of detos, probably that named is margonda city. yeah there was lot of fun... i went there with asyifa malik aaw galih zacky sarah rina deby anggun yessy and her sister and ican. we got some fun but not complete cause fira and the other werent with us we took some photos in a studio in margonuda city.. 
yeah my fingers getting tired now so bye! 
*sorryforwronggrammar cause im bad in english but i didnt used translator

 wury maharani~

 hey its me again! damn my poncel couldnt update this so that i copied paste into one of my bestfriend facebook then i'm sitting infront of my computer now. huh unlucky~ long time no update, yesterday night i got pulsa Rp 5000 or goceng by won a case from a twitter account that made a case. i thought that was just for fun but i got that pulsa so alhamdulillah.. and saveral hours before that i got some money because i repaired my uncle's poncel, yeah that was for fun too but i got money hihihiyy $.$ and now, my money wasted no chase left. saveral days ago i wrote two cerpens, the ones i wrote seriousness til the END then i realize that i wrote with wrong theme! DAMN!! then i wasnt gave up, next i wrote the other but not so serious as the first one. even there was a totally wrong fact! yeah i wouldnt win that competition but i really want to win that. oh what am i talking about ? i dont know... just if i'm here i want to type type and type..

       hey stars... you got me stressed. yeah youll never read it. but i read everypost in your blog and hope there exist my name but thats just a dream. you never type my name!!!! i drew your face and hide that... sometimes i type you a message but then i delete cause whenever i texted you then you'd replied shortly -_- 

if you read "a stars" you would think that this is wrong grammar, stars that i mean is just the one. why i'm not using just star without s? -thats a secret ^^,

 talking about you would never be over. so bye!
 its really goodbye.
 i mean not goodbye for stars but goodbye to you reader.
but not if the reader is stars

but imposible if the reader is stars
so who are you the reader?
probably you lost then you find this page
or the reader is my secret admirer?
just kidding, thanks for visiting :)

 see ya

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