Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Love is Terrible

I wonder why do i like him. a guy who kick the ball like a banci. a guy who always menggosip, a guy who always write down his activity into his diary, a guy who never  have gf, a guy who loves pc game more than sport, a guy who isnt have a handsome face, a guy who isnt stylish. a guy who is ...............Gay...........
just kidding for the last.

i wonder what love is? what love is usefull for? why do we need love? why do we love someone without plans? why do we love someone whos not our types? i really wonder.

and i wonder why people have bf or gf just for fun? just try how to love someone? i think we will love someone naturally, no need to try. and some people have gf or bf just for the state. yeah maybe its singel girl's words, but i thought like these from long time ago. 

i think, love is like a drug (i read about drugs, but never use that, never forever~), whenever you try, you'll addict, you'll feel happy exciting and etc. but then, you'll hurt.and next it kills you slowly. not your body but ur heart, ur soul. and after you know that facts, you'll try to delete him hardly but you cant cause he is a virus which already infected to ur body. what can you do? do cangkok  brain sooon!!

what love is for? to get some happiness? yeah.. that first. but how if you love someone who doesnt love you?. you'll think his feeling is not the same as yours, but you'll always hope, you'll pray to god,"god, if he is my future couple, please close him to me. if not please check that again, if that surely not. please make it." yeahhh i'm gonna throw up lol.

at the first, like weeks or months, you'll feel happy and exciting to do things beside him but you arent brave to make a momment. but after that, and he didnt gave the code, you'll feel like youre the smallest things in that circle, you'll feel like you are not even exist. yeahh love can be terrible for some people.

so, then for what you think of him every night when go to bed?
so, for what you write down his name in ur brain?
so, for what evey lil things in ur life is him? *toomuch
but he never do that!?

my opinion is, whenever you fall in love, dont let u fall so deep, try to hold on something. and if you are man, whenever you feel love then get her. dont just see her from the distance, dont let her trying to delete u in her mind *probablyshefeeldasame

the end.  

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